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Digital tips

Raoul Pourboire is a solution that allows customers to tip online in just a few clicks.

Raoul allows customers without change to tip quickly, in less than 8 seconds.

By scanning the QR code with the Raoul app, you'll be directed to the restaurant's page in the app. If you don't have the app, you can scan with your phone's camera and you'll be redirected to a web page dedicated to the restaurant.

The Raoul application allows you to have your information already saved, to see your tip history, etc.

On the restaurant page, you'll see photos and names of employees. You can select the employee of your choice by clicking on the thumbnail.

Yes, the limit is 50 euros per tip.

We use a payment service provider called Mangopay, which is a recognized banking institution used by major platforms such as Le Bon Coin and Vinted.

Employees can only see the first name of the person who sent the tip, as well as their photo if they added one.

It's up to the restaurateur to decide whether or not to display his menu. He must inform us of his request.

Yes, Raoul is compatible with all browsers and smartphones.

We offer telephone and online support to resolve any problems you may encounter.

Employees receive their tips at the end of the shift on their app and can transfer the funds to their bank account.

To register, a restaurant must contact us. We can provide QR codes in less than 2 days.

Tips can be redistributed in different ways depending on the restaurant's choice:

Shared throughout the team.

Distributed only among those present at the service.

Personally assigned to the employee selected by the customer.

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