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Origin of the tip

The origins of tipping go back further than most people think. The first appearance of a form of tipping emerges as early as the 15th century in England. Nobles would occasionally offer

Restaurant recruitment: a difficult period

Recruitment in the foodservice industry is one of the major challenges facing professionals in the sector. Indeed, finding cooks, bartenders, waiters and dishwashers has never been as complicated as it is today. The difficulties

4 restaurants for a weekend in Paris

Discover the 4 restaurants for a weekend in Paris that the Raoul team has selected for you. 1 Caché, the New York loft restaurant in Paris Voisin with the

6 advantages of online tipping

For several months now, some restaurant customers have had the opportunity to tip their waiters online. In fact, a number of solutions now enable customers to use their smartphones to make

Tax-free tips in France from 2022

During his visit to Sirha, held in Lyon from September 23 to 27, 2021, President Emmanuel Macron announced news that caused quite a stir.

Improving your restaurant's image

Since 2019, restaurateurs have had to face immense upheaval due to the Covid crisis. For example, restaurants are closing, sales are down despite

The 5 most unusual restaurants

The 5 most unusual restaurants in the world! You'll be amazed at what some of them have been created to offer their guests.

Credit card tip

Do you find it more convenient to tip by credit card? That's why we developed Raoul. In the early days of tipping in England, it was customary to deposit a small amount of cash in a jar.

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